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Hi, I'm Jeanelle.

I design videos to create connection and relatability between your brand and your customers.

How Can I Help You?

video Production

I help you create a full production video, from start to finish.


I collaborate on crafting a compelling message for your video - no more dry, boring promo videos!

I'll set up, record, and edit. We'll bring the whole production to you, or you can come to my studio. (Only available for Orange County/South LA clients.)

marketing strategy

After you've created your videos, how will the world find it?

I help you create a marketing strategy that focuses only on what you need, and help you generate the biggest return for your business.

Why Work With Me?

I create videos that produce


Don't fall for the shiny videos. Videos should be designed to engage and convert your audience.

On past projects, I've found that the fanciest videos don't always perform well. I've helped a previous client generate millions of dollars solely from optimizing their advertising videos.

My goal is to have you fully self-


The most important part of my work is making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It's amazing how well videos perform when the message is delivered naturally. 

I also work with you on crafting a short, concise message that speaks to your ideal audience.

I rely on the


There's no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your videos. I listen to the numbers when creating videos for any business.

I implement a testing structure to your videos to learn about the best type of messaging and creatives that works well with your audience.

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