My Reel

I started creating videos at a young age, because videos allowed me to share my point of view with the world.

Today, I use my video and social media marketing experience to help my lady biz owners and entrepreneurs share their stories.

Jeanelleats YouTube Channel

I started Jeanelleats to share my Filipino culture and food with the world. It's not just about the cooking videos; it's about helping people cook confidently at home while connecting with the incredible Filipino culture!

Some Of My Work

Connect Studio Space

Marina wanted to attract more teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs to Connect Studio Space.

After our brainstorming session, we decided that a short, informative video would work best for her needs.

"3 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Studio" works well because she can educate her ideal audience, and attract potential renters who are searching for a local studio.

Locca Churros + Tea

Locca Churros released a new line of teas to their collection. Based on the the current video food trends, I created a short video sharing information about the drinks.

The hook is a quick blurb about why Locca's teas are unique, and a catchy "spin" showing their teas leaves.

I picked flavors that look unique on camera, to entice locals to purchase their drinks from Locca.


Ube Butter Recipe | Kitchen 1726

I create a series of Filipino food videos on Jeanelleats. Chef Kryssie of Kitchen 1726 is a local caterer, and also delivers her Filipino treats nationwide.


We chose to showcase her ube butter because of the current popularity of ube-flavored treats. The title provides great search terms for YouTube.

This video builds authority for Chef Kryssie's business, and also creates high discoverability for both my channel and Kitchen 1726.


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