Hi, I'm Jeanelle.

I help female entrepreneurs master their YouTube channels to become powerful and confident in sharing their mission using videos!

How Can I Help You?


My goal is to give you the tools to know HOW people can find your YouTube content, minus the burnout!

There's so much noise out there about think you need to do to grow your YouTube channel. I'm here to help you focus on which ones actually make a huge impact for your channel.

Content Creation

I'll help you create a robust content strategy to attract the audience that you want watching your YouTube videos!

I'm here to help you save time in delivering the RIGHT messages when creating your content!

Why Work With Me?

I create content that produce


Don't fall for the shiny video and photo content. Your content should be designed to engage and convert your audience.

On past projects, I've found that the fanciest videos and photos don't always perform well. I've helped a previous client generate millions of dollars solely from optimizing their advertising videos.

My goal is to have you fully self-


The most important part of my work is making you feel comfortable and empowered. You'll naturally attract your community when your message is clear and delivered with confidence!

I want more ladies online for


Our communities need to see more of us on YouTube, Instagram, TV, and other media channels!


These platforms give us the freedom to share our voice and inspire all generations by sharing our visions and missions.

contact me!


(714) 251-6781

Orange County, CA, USA

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