GROW Your YouTube Channel

HEY THERE! My name is Jeanelle, and I create YouTube videos for a living. And as a YouTuber, I gotta ask you:


Do you feel like you spend HOURS filming and editing your videos, only to get 1-2 subscribers per video?


Are you starting to feel burnt out, thinking it's impossible to create consistent content?

Trust me, I've been there. I spent 3 years on YouTube without knowing if my channel was ever going to start gaining subscribers!

After I learned and implemented numerous strategies to my channel, I finally started to see subscribers rolling in. Sponsors started reaching out to me via email.

I love being able to work from anywhere, and pick exactly who I get to work with...

...and I want to help you do the same.


If you want to finally get serious about growing your channel, let's hop on a 30-minute call for your YOUTUBE GAME PLAN.

We'll tackle the mistakes you're currently doing with your channel, and set you up to start growing your subscribers!

Click the button below to get started. I can't wait to help you!

What You'll Learn

Setting Intentions and Goals

Growing your channel is a marathon. We'll establish a plan to set your channel up for success for the long run!

Researching Your Content

Believe it or not, proper prep before you film is one of the MOST impactful tools that will snowball your channel to success.

Filming and Editing

You'll learn how to create an efficient process that works for you, so you can consistently create content without the burnout.

Releasing Your Videos

Learn the tips and details that will increase your content exposure when uploading videos to your YouTube creator platform.

Ranking and Promoting Your Videos

The digital marketing space is enormous, and can get intimidating. Learn which platforms to focus on that will give your channel the biggest return!

Ways to Generate Money

It's incredible how many opportunities are available for you as a YouTube content creator. Learn about the best way you can earn income for your channel!


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