YouTube Growth Academy

Get PERSONAL coaching to learn how to grow your YouTube channel.

What You'll Learn

Setting Intentions and Goals

Growing your channel is a marathon. We'll establish a plan to set your channel up for success for the long run!

Researching Your Content

Believe it or not, proper prep before you film is one of the MOST impactful tools that will snowball your channel to success.

Filming and Editing

You'll learn how to create an efficient process that works for you, so you can consistently create content without the burnout.

Releasing Your Videos

Learn the tips and details that will increase your content exposure when uploading videos to your YouTube creator platform.

Ranking and Promoting Your Videos

The digital marketing space is enormous, and can get intimidating. Learn which platforms to focus on that will give your channel the biggest return!

Ways to Generate Money

It's incredible how many opportunities are available for you as a YouTube content creator. Learn about the best way you can earn income for your channel!


"Jeanelle is not only a professional at her videos, she is also an amazing teacher. Her coaching on growing my YouTube channel was clear and easy to follow!"

- Anna M. -

"I decided to finally invest in coaching for my YouTube channel because I couldn't get any traction or growth in subscribers.


After this coaching program, I was able to put my focus on the pieces of uploading my videos that give me the most return!"

- Claudia C. -

"I'm so busy with running my business, and I barely have enough time to do any marketing.

Jeanelle helped me create consistency in my schedule. Now I can easily make time for brainstorming content, creating it, and releasing it on YouTube the right way."


- Lea F. -

"Before I met Jeanelle I didn’t think I’d ever feel comfortable enough to make a marketing video for my business. I appreciate her professionalism with giving me tips beforehand and checking in afterwards through the editing process.

Not only was Jeanelle fun to work with but she got me motivated and inspired to create more video marketing."


- Marina S. -

About Your Instructor

Jeanelle Castro started out as a Digital Marketing Manager for various corporate clients. She specialized in A/B testing, video marketing, and SEO.


She started her own YouTube channel to share Filipino food and culture to the world, and grew it to 3,000 subscribers in one month, with over 350,000 views.

While she loves to create artistic videos, Jeanelle aims to rank her videos highly across YouTube and Google with every weekly episode.

Now Jeanelle is setting out to help entrepreneurs and content creators grow their own YouTube channels quickly, even with a busy schedule.


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Orange County, CA, USA

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